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The time is nearly upon us to mark the biggest event of the year. Christmas is coming and we want to be fully prepared for it. The festive season can be a difficult time for those with hearing loss. Loud parties with lots of background noise make joining conversations challenging. We want to share some tips on how you can organise festive celebrations, giving you the confidence to join in the conversation. Share them with your friends and family too, they wouldn’t want their loved ones to miss out so help them to arrange their parties so the whole family can enjoy celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. 

Preparing your hearing aids for the event

  • The night before the party or event, make sure you put your hearing aids on charge. You don’t want to worry about battery levels. 
  • If you don’t have a rechargeable hearing system, put fresh batteries in your hearing aids on the morning of the event. Additionally, carry a spare with you just incase. 
  • Remember to wear your hearing aids. 

At the dining table

  • Place yourself away from any sources of noise such as the kitchen, or next to music speakers.
  • Sit where you can see and hear as many people as possible.
  • Let the people sat next to you know you have hearing loss. They can help you follow conversations more easily. 
  • Make sure the dining area has good lighting so that faces are well lit.
  • Remove any obstructions from the table so you can see faces if you rely on lip reading. 
  • Consider using a round table to make it easier to keep up with conversation.

At parties and events

  • Arrange the room with dedicated conversation areas. Position seats in quieter, well lit spots where you can enjoy conversation.
  • Make one-to-one conversation in a private area to break up social chatter. 
  • Keep music at a lower level when conversation is flowing, usually during dinner or when everyone is arriving. Turn the volume up once the chatter dies down and people start to move to the dance floor! 
  • Take a moment away from the party if you are starting to feel fatigued. It is okay for your brain to need some quiet time. 

Whether you are the guest or the host remember to advocate for yourself and others with hearing loss. If you are the guest, ask the host if they can make some adjustments to accommodate those with hearing difficulties. As the host, let your guests know that you have hearing loss and that you have organised your party so that you can enjoy conversation with all of your guests. 

Worried you may struggle to join in this party season? Call us today on 01564 791088 to book your full hearing assessment. We can bring the sounds you are missing back into your life so you can enjoy every part of the festive season. 

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