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We are completely independent hearing aid providers, not part of a national chain and with no brand tie-ins. This means we can offer the highest quality in hearing aid technology from a range of manufacturers.

There are many hearing aids available from a range of manufacturers all with different styles and features to match your lifestyle. The main goal of all of them is to help with your daily listening situations. They can help to make soft sounds clearer whilst making loud sounds less intense, thus making hearing more comfortable in all aspects of life.

Whilst styles and features vary, the function of a hearing instrument is always the same. It is a tiny computer which processes and analyses the sound it is receiving. It then cleans it and produces a sound which is clearer and more helpful to the listener. It is the level of technology within the hearing aid which determines the level of sophistication in sound processing.

Technology is constantly advancing and so manufacturers are continually producing new hearing products which include features to help not only with sound quality but also speech in background noise and spatial awareness. One of the biggest challenges people with a hearing loss have is hearing in busy places such as restaurants or social gatherings. Sounds just merge into one loud mass of noise and voices don’t stand out. Advanced noise technology and precise directional microphones now work together to help reduce background noise and make speech easier to hear.

Connect to your devices

Most hearing aids now have the ability to connect to other devices such as smart phone apps, and tablets which can help with day to day life and get the most out of your hearing aids. The clever technology once connected can help you easily adjust the sound as you move into different noise environments.

Isabella is able to tailor your solution to as simple or as technological as you would like. The solution you choose is your decision and Isabella will always be there to help along every step of the journey.

Styles of hearing aid

There are many styles of hearing instruments, with different designs and colour options. No matter which style you choose, your hearing aid will be fitted and programmed to your individual hearing needs.

The place a hearing aid sits is an easy way of categorising the different types of hearing aid. It will either sit in the ear or behind the ear.

Behind The Ear hearing aids

These types of hearing aids sit behind the ear. The popular Reciever-In-Canal or RIC hearing aid is very discreet, comfortable and almost invisible from the front or side. The receiver (loudspeaker) sits inside the ear canal and provides a natural, clear sound. A thin wire attaches to the hearing aid which sits behind the ear. These suit a range of hearing losses and have the ability to connect to wireless devices.

For those with severe hearing losses the power BTE models are effective, stylish and can include all the benefits of modern technology.

In The Ear hearing aids

These hearing aids are worn in the ear. They are often called custom hearing solutions as they need to be made to fit each individual ear. The term is used to describe all in the ear aids from whole shell which fills the whole of the ear, half shell and Completely In Canal or CIC.

Invisible In The Canal hearing aids

One of the biggest concerns from first-time hearing aid wearers is whether their hearing aids will be visible to others. Invisible In Canal or IIC hearing aids sit deep inside the ear canal and are so small they go totally unnoticed. Made with an extraction cord for removal this hearing aid is a discreet solution that is invisible, comfortable and will give you the benefit of hearing without anyone knowing you’re wearing hearing aids.

In the ear hearing aid
Phonak Hearing aid

Rechargeable hearing aids

You simply sit your hearing aids in their charging case when you take them out at night and by the morning they are fully charged. There is no need to worry about changing fiddly batteries.

Phonak Hearing aid

Choosing the right hearing aid

Choosing the right hearing aid for you can be a difficult decision especially with so many styles available. By taking a person-centred approach, Isabella will always give her best advice based not only on your type of hearing loss but also your lifestyle and needs. She will look for the hearing instrument which best aids your listening experience in the situations you need it most but also has the features that will help your day to day life and be cosmetically pleasing.

Assistive Devices

A range of accesories are available to provide enhanced hearing in different contexts, from watching TV to listening to audiobooks on your smartphone.

TV Connector

Our TV connectors allow you to connect your hearing aid to the TV wirelessly.

Mobile Phone & Tablet Connection

With a bluetooth enabled hearing aid and the app on your mobile phone you’ll be able to hear calls clearly as well as accessing a range of other content on smart phones from audio-books to sat nav instructions.

Remote control apps also allow you to control your hearing aid without fiddling with the miniature controls.

Phone Connector


Our landline phones connect to your hearing aid making those conversations so much easier.

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