Why Visit Isabella


Why Visit Isabella


Our customers keep telling us how glad they are to have found us, here’s just a few of the reasons they give.

Taking the time to understand

Our approach is customer first, we take the time to make a difference in your life to provide you with the very best listening experience so you no longer struggle in noisy situations, or hearing your grandchild sing is not missed again. We believe that you need to feel comfortable and relaxed from the second you walk in and this is our main priority.

Free Lifetime Care

Purchasing a hearing aid is just the start of the journey, we provide free lifetime aftercare so that you can keep coming back to us as often as you need to ensure it’s fine-tuned for optimum hearing assistance and as your hearing needs change we can adjust as needed.


Not being part of a national chain and with no brand tie-ins means we can offer the the highest quality in hearing aids from a range of providers that are the right match for your needs.


Isabella Fisher has over 20 years’ experience in the hearing healthcare industry and is fully trained in the latest innovations and testing procedure.

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