Why Visit Isabella


Why Visit Isabella


Our customers keep telling us how glad they are to have found us, here’s just a few of the reasons they give.


Isabella Fisher and her team have over 20 years’ experience in the hearing healthcare industry and are fully trained in the latest innovations and testing procedures.

Taking the time to understand

Our approach is customer first. We take the time to make a difference to your life and provide you with the very best listening experience so you no longer struggle in noisy situations and can live your life to the full.

We believe that you need to feel comfortable and relaxed from the second you walk in to our clinics, we make you feel right at home and you will feel reassured you are in safe hands.

Comprehensive Aftercare

Purchasing a hearing aid is just the start of the journey, we provide free aftercare, for the life of the hearing aid, so that you can keep coming back to us as often as you need to ensure it’s fine-tuned for optimum hearing assistance and as your hearing needs change we can adjust as needed.

Completely Independent

We are proudly, not part of a national chain and have no brand or manufacturer tie-ins. This means we can offer the highest quality in hearing aid solutions from a range of providers, that are the right match for your needs. Our expert clinical skills and lifestyle matching process means you get the best care there is and a real treat for your ears!

Our Team

 Isabella Fisher
Isabella FisherDirector/Audiologist
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: Telling clients with one hundred percent confidence that I put them first. I also love the Independent Hearing Care/Ear Care family that has grown with me since starting the business. I have a fantastic team!

SUPERSKILL: Being genuinely caring, empathetic, and passionate in helping patients better their lives through bettering their hearing. I truly care about each and every patient that walks through my door!

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: I love spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren who
bring me so much joy!

David Fisher
David FisherAudiologist and Director of the Broadway branch
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: The customer-led approach and family ethos that we are proud to bring to our service

SUPERSKILL: Always going the extra mile for patients – especially when it comes to tech-support!

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: I like to keep fit by going to the gym and enjoy spending time with family – for whom I am the go-to DIY guy!

Michael Redgrave
Michael RedgraveAudiologist
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: The people we work with and the patients we work for. We have an amazing team, and I can genuinely say it’s a pleasure to come to work every day. I am also especially proud of the difference we make to our patient’s lives and the lovely feedback we get from so many of them.

SUPERSKILL: I try my best to make my patients feel as comfortable and at ease as possible during their appointments, taking time to talk things through and listen to their thoughts and concerns. I am also very good at keeping the office stocked up with sweet treats, despite complaints from all the other members of staff!

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: I love spending time with my family; my two little girls keep me very busy! When I do find the time I enjoy music, theatre, holidays and am an avid pinball fan

Emma Fisher
Emma FisherHearing Care Assistant
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: Helping patients who come in with painful compacted wax and seeing the relief once it is removed.

SUPERSKILL: Reassuring nervous patients and engaging with all my patients and getting to know them on a personal level.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: Spending time with my husband and son. I also enjoy reading crime fiction and history books.

Candice Harvey
Candice HarveyHearing Care Assistant and Student Audiologist
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: I love that we are one happy family, we all support and genuinely care about each other and the people we see in our clinics.

SUPERSKILL: I feel I am able to give our patients a great experience when they come for an appointment by easily putting them at ease.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: I like to work out – my favourites at the moment are Pilates or any type of strength training

Jessica Redgrave
Jessica RedgraveOffice Manager and Tinnitus Support
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: Working for a family business with a genuine customer care ethos! I love working alongside my mum, partner and stepdad as well as the other amazing staff who have become friends, providing an outstanding service to the local community.

SUPERSKILL: My passion is helping those who struggle with tinnitus, helping them to overcome the limitations tinnitus puts on their lives and enabling them to live a more fulfilled and happy life.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: As a busy mum of two young girls, I don’t have much time to myself – but I love being with my family! When I do have the time, I like to go to the theatre (I especially love musicals) and love reading a good book on holiday!

Diane Rawlings
Diane RawlingsReceptionist
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: Working with Isabella and witnessing how fabulous she is at what she does, and how lovely she is with people, which creates a very successful business and a brilliant place to work.

SUPERSKILL: I like to think I empathise with people quite well, but my super skill is definitely talking!

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: I love music and spending time with my family and friends, particularly when we get to go to nice places to eat and drink.

Hannah Cotton
Hannah CottonReceptionist and Social Media/Marketing
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: Using my skills and experience to support people with maintaining their hearing aids and enjoying getting to know the patients. I also love the creative side that marketing and social media brings!

SUPERSKILL: I love getting to know our patients as individuals and making them feel like valued members of the Independent Hearing Care family, I am always happy and ready to welcome them with a smile on my face.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: I enjoy spending time with my four-legged friend, Dyna dog, who helps keep me fit and active. I also enjoy visiting new places and curling up with a good book.

Yvette Fletcher
Yvette FletcherReceptionist
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: I love every part of my job! From helping the people who walk through our door, to being part of such an amazing, talented team. Everyone is so supportive, with a genuine care for our patients and each other.

SUPERSKILL: I enjoy putting our patients at ease when they enter our clinic – whether it’s explaining a little about the process of micro – suction or just chatting about the weather – I feel it’s so important that they feel comfortable. Mainly though, I excel at making a good cuppa!

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: I enjoy early morning runs, yoga, making jewellery and spending time with my family.

Beverley Butler
Beverley ButlerReceptionist
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: Working alongside an amazing and very professional team in a very friendly environment.

SUPERSKILL: Chatting to patients – I love to hear their stories! Putting patients at ease.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: I enjoy spending lots of time with my grandson. I enjoy going out for meals and I love to travel!

Janice Nock
Janice NockReceptionist
MY FAVOURITE PART OF MY JOB: Chatting to patients and hearing about their lives. Working alongside a fabulous team of people.

SUPERSKILL: Able to empathise with patients and listen to their stories.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK: Spending time with family and friends. Travel and visiting new places. Exercise classes. Theatre and dining out.

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