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We are members of multiple professional bodies and associations within Audiology.


BSHAA-British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists

BSHAA is the professional body which represents and promotes the interests of the independent hearing aid profession mainly within Great Britain and Northern Ireland but globally too.  Members are highly trained hearing care professionals who have extensive and unrivalled experience and knowledge of the hearing instruments that are available to help with hearing loss.

HCPC Registered

HCPC-Health and Care Professions Council

The HCPC are an organisation protecting the public by regulating 15 health and care professions.

They do this by:

Setting standards for professionals’ education and training practice

Keeping a register of professionals, known as ‘registrants’ who meet their standards

Taking action if professionals on the register do not meet their standards.

BTA-British Tinnitus Association

The BTA are an independent charity supporting thousands of people who experience tinnitus and advise medical professionals from across the world. They offer a source of support and information for people with tinnitus in the UK, facilitating an improved quality of life.

Idainstitute logo

Ida Institute

The Ida institute are an independent, non-profit organization working to build a community that embraces person-centred care. Together with clinicians, academics, and people with hearing loss around the world, they help people develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to better manage hearing loss.

PPC Badge

PCC-Person Centred Care

Those who earn the Person-Centred Care badge have a thorough understanding of the different aspects of person-centred care and how person-centred care differs from the traditional biomedical model. Most importantly, they understand what it means to practice person-centred care with their clients through empathy and active listening.

Motivation Logo


Those who earn of the Motivation badge use motivational engagement to get better outcomes and more satisfied clients. They have a thorough understanding of client engagement, motivational interviewing, and the benefits of using the Ida Motivational Tools.

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