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Looking after your hearing is hugely important. Protecting your ears against damaging factors, such as exposure to loud noise, can help to limit any deterioration later on in life.

We live in a world where the volume is always on high. Sustained exposure to loud noise can be damaging to your ears. For many this noise is unavoidable due to work environments or leisure activities. Wearing protection against high levels of noise can be extremely beneficial and help to prevent damage later in life.

For maximum protection and superior comfort, our custom hearing protection solutions are made from an impression which is taken of your ear. This ensures the perfect fit. Independent Hearing Care are able to provide custom moulded hearing protection devices for a variety of purposes including:

  • Shooting
  • Music events
  • Motorcycling

Protecting against more than just noise

Our custom fit, hearing protection solutions provide more than just protection against noise. You might be a keen swimmer, need in-ear communication or just wish for a peaceful night’s sleep

In-ear monitoring

in-ear monitoring provides the best in audio quality while protecting the ear from external audio. Ideal for musicians their exact fit also means they stay comfortably in place when active making them perfect for in-ear communication

Swim plugs

It’s not just noise that can be damaging to your ears. Waterproof swim plugs offer protection for those prone to ear infections or other ear problems that can be caused by water ingress. Made from soft silicone material for maximum comfort, swim plugs are made in a floatable material, so you won’t lose them in the water

Sleep plugs

Sleep plugs are key to a peaceful night’s sleep and also useful whilst travelling. The custom fit, canal style plugs are soft enough to provide a comfortable sleep at the same time as reducing background noise.

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