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Dealing with hearing issues is no picnic; you often miss out on conversations and feel isolated or lonely because you cannot interact very well. Once you get hearing aids, your world changes. But the changes come with some vital information you need too.
Hearing aids are beautiful pieces of technology that sometimes need repairs. Many people may want to do the repairs independently instead of taking them to their Audiologist (like us here at Isabella Fisher Independent Hearing Care). It is always best to see your Audiologist or Hearing Care provider if you have any issues with your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Size
Hearing aids are small, no matter what kind you purchase. If you try to do repairs independently, you will likely find yourself frustrated and questioning if the aids are worth the hassle. Using a company to repair your aids removes that problem. Many companies do everything they can to make repairs convenient and stress-free – we can manage all of this for you if you choose us for your hearing care.

Life of the Device
It is essential to follow a strict hearing aid maintenance and repair schedule. If you do not regularly clean the device, dirt, earwax buildup, and moisture can cause the aids to malfunction. However, completing consistent maintenance and repairs can extend the life of your device.
With something that is a lifestyle investment, you should do all you can to take care of them.

Knowledgeable Technicians
Most likely, you are not all that savvy regarding hearing aid technology. Instead of giving yourself a headache while trying to figure out the problem, let an experienced technician do it for you, our team here have everything you need. There are people trained on how to diagnose the problem and fix it.
You do not have to waste your time messing with your hearing aid to try and repair it on your own.

Save Yourself the Trouble
Hearing aids are amazing, small devices that help those with hearing loss hear well. But the thing is, these small devices are technology. They require routine maintenance and repair to function correctly. In addition, they do not last forever, and technology is constantly innovating and improving.

You might think it’s a good idea to try and repair your hearing aids on your own or have a family member or friend help you. Please don’t do it. Save yourself the stress and frustration of working with such small devices.
Your hearing aid provider has experienced technicians who can help. Contact your hearing aid provider or a hearing aid repair company for a stress-free repair experience.

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