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Hearing Tests at Isabella Fisher Independent Hearing Care

Signs of Hearing Loss

Do you find yourself having to turn the TV up louder than others think is necessary? Do you often struggle to understand people and keep up with conversations?

As well as this, you may often need people to repeat themselves, or struggle to distinguish specific words in speech, all of which are common signs that you have problems with your hearing.

Treating Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has numerous types and causes, which means the treatment can heavily vary in technique and effectiveness.

Some types of hearing loss come from simple things such as ear infections or too much excess wax, both of which can often be easily treated with hearing returning to the previous quality. However, the majority of hearing loss cases relate to issues within the inner ear, and usually come from ageing or prolonged exposure to loud noises. Unfortunately, this type of damage can’t be reversed, but the subsequent loss of hearing can usually be corrected and managed by hearing aids.

Hearing Tests with Isabella Fisher

When you first contact Isabella Fisher Independent Hearing Care, you’ll be starting a journey to better hearing, on which you’ll be fully supported by our team on every step of the way.

At your first appointment, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your concerns and find out more about your hearing issues to get a full understanding of your needs. We’ll then carry out a full audiometric hearing test, which will enable us to give you a full diagnostic of your hearing issues.

From these results, Isabella will provide you with the best professional advice and care, recommending the best solution for you. No matter if the end result is a treatment such as wax removal or the purchase of a hearing aid, we’ll continue to guide you with the very best aftercare, monitoring your progress and ensuring you’re on the right path.

About Isabella Fisher Independent Hearing Care

Isabella Fisher Independent Hearing Care is based in the village of Knowle, close to Solihull, and offers services including ear wax removal, tinnitus support, hearing tests and hearing aids.

Isabella Fisher has more than 20 years of experience providing high quality hearing care, and is fully trained in the latest innovations and testing procedures.

For more information on any of our services, call 01564 791088 or email isabella@isabellahearing.co.uk

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