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Is everyone just about ready to escape the great British summer and head for warmer climes? If you are all set with your case packed and just a few last minute jobs to tick off the list, have you thought about how to keep your ears healthy and hearing aids well maintained whilst away? Here are some useful tips to ensure you never miss a moment.

For your ears:

  • Prevent clogged ears from changes in air pressure on the plane by sucking on sweets, chewing gum or yawning to help alleviate the pressure. During landing you can try the Valsalva manoeuvre; pinch your nose closed and gently blow out through your nose with your mouth closed to unclog your ears. 
  • Dry your ears after swimming. Moisture provides a great environment for bacteria to grow and the last thing you want is an outer ear infection when you are trying to enjoy the cool waters in tropical climes. If you swim a lot with your head under water, wearing swim plugs can help to prevent water ingress. 
  • Wear ear protection when attending outdoor concerts or parties. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds can lead to noise related hearing loss. Try to position yourself far away from speakers and take breaks away from the sound to rest your ears. 
  • Have your ears checked before going on holiday. It’s hard to prevent ear wax problems when you can’t see how much is in them! By having an audiologist look in your ears they can remove any build up of ear wax before it becomes a problem, leaving you to enjoy a stress free holiday.

For your hearing aids:

  • Remember to take spare batteries. Especially if you are free to go wherever the wind takes you and you decide to extend your stay away. Alternatively, switch to rechargeable hearing aids, so when you put them in your ears after a night charging you are ready for a full day ahead. Speak to our audiologists about rechargeable options. 
  • Take a cloth with you to dry your hearing aids after sweating or being splashed by the pool. Wiping them clean of dirt and sand will also help maintain functionality.
  • Protect your hearing aids from heat. As with any device, heat can be damaging so when you are not wearing your hearing aids keep them in a cool place away from direct sunlight. 

By following these tips, you’re free to explore and enjoy the world around you. Upon your return book an appointment to see one of our audiologists so they can make sure your hearing aids are adjusted for optimal performance. They can also remove any ear wax that has built up and will be keen to hear all about your adventures!

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