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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 

I’m sure we can all agree that 2019 has flown by! It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago we were packing away our 2018 Christmas decorations yet here we are once again trying to unknot several metres of Christmas lights.
For Independent Hearing Care, 2019 has been a busy one to say the least. I thought that now would be a good time to round up the year and remember our best bits.

Christmas and New year 2018 – Moving to permanent premises.

After months of waiting, the renovations on our new Hearing Care Centre were complete. Much thought had been put into the design and layout of the centre, allowing for the best customer experience with the new sound proof booth and latest technology. The carefully considered waiting area was created with the customer in mind ensuring comfort throughout the entire visit.
All that was left to do was move everything from our current, temporary premises to our new Hearing Care Centre. We all worked incredibly hard over Christmas and New Year to ensure we were ready to open at the beginning of the year.

February 2019 – Otis joins the team.

Otis is our four-legged friend owned by The Hearing Dogs For Deaf People Charity. Otis is a playful pup who loves to explore. He’s an affectionate boy and loves to cuddle. What is most special about Otis is that he is in training to become a hearing dog.
Hearing dogs are trained to alert deaf people to sounds they would normally miss. Everyday sounds such as doorbells and alarm clocks but also danger signals such as a fire alarm.
We follow and sponsor Otis’ training and once he graduates will be able to give a deaf person confidence, independence, and a whole lot of love.

May 2019 – Independent Hearing Care official opening.

With winter bringing some miserable weather, we decided not to have a grand opening straight away in January, but get settled and wait until the spring. The three-day event was a huge success, not only because we were able to eat our body weight in cake but also because we were able to introduce people to a Hearing Care Centre and service that we are truly proud of.

November 2019 – Mike joins the team.

Independent Hearing Care is very much a family business with Jess, Isabella’s daughter currently on maternity leave, and now Isabella’s son in law Mike joining the team. Mike is our student Audiologist.

November 2019 – Our 2-year anniversary.

Independent Hearing Care’s anniversary finishes the year nicely, and the 20th November 2019 marked 2 fantastic years of business.
Isabella and the team continue to provide a person-centred approach to hearing care meaning that all patients go through a carefully considered, tailor-made journey with full support and guidance.
Listening to patients tell us how much their lives have been improved by our care is the reason we do what we do, from giving a person their hearing back with the latest technology hearing aids to giving them the relief from blocked ears with micro-suction wax removal.
Our 2-year success wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful customers. So, we want to say a very big thank you for choosing Independent Hearing Care. We have enjoyed meeting and looking after every one of you.

Time goes by so quickly and it has made us realise how innovative our world is and how life is always changing. Technology is advancing at such a fast pace, and that includes hearing systems. Not only are there hearing aids with new advanced technology but also assistive devices such as phones and tv connectors which allow you to hear the sound directly through the hearing aids. This technology means you no longer have to miss out important conversations or feel isolated. Independent Hearing Care has access to all this wonderful technology, providing you with the best listening experience in any situation.

Two big advancements this year have come from Starkey and Sivantos, both producing world firsts in hearing aid technology.

Starkey Livio AI

The Livio AI, launched in the UK in March, is the world’s first hearing aid to not only provide superior sound quality but also has the ability to track brain and body health.
The hearing aid is the first in the world to contain sensors which when used in conjunction with the Thrive Hearing Control App can monitor body and brain health activities. Artificial intelligence and sensors can also detect if you’ve fallen and alert chosen contacts.

Sivantos Signia Xperience

The world’s first hearing aids with acoustic motion sensors enabling you to hear clearly wherever you go and be an active part of every conversation. This new technology can detect changes in environment, so that the wearer can hear sound from any direction in any situation, even whilst moving.

All that is left to say is; Isabella and her team at Independent Hearing Care wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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